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Episode 11 · 2 years ago

The CDP // Ep11: You don't need Motivation!


In this episode we talk some solid Sh*t about motivation and We also talk about technology changes; And CDP style life in general.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Welcome to the PODCAST. How you going today? And Nike, I'm good, man, I'm good. How are you? Pretty good. Is it Wednesday? I don't even know what day. Isn't it anymore? It is, I believe it's. What is it? Thursday? Yeah, setting, we should look there. You go even better this Friday. That's right. We should check those beautiful things that we've got called cellular devices. Yeah, I know, I mean it's all right, like I'm actually starting to come around to it. Like there's still some shit going on that sucks, obviously and externally, but internally I'm starting to come good and Bro I actually I'm starting a fine piece in not having to wake up as early and kind of getting to do whatever I want. You know, I can't just go do nothing, but as long as I do kind of my shit they do during the day, like it feels pretty good. So actually, not knowing what day of the week is actually that bad. It's actually meant, it doesn't. It's no way. It feels like a weekend. But what I time to be alive, though. Yeah, hundred percent. It's, I mean, absolutely nothing like it, and you just know we're going to look back on these days and talk about it and what it was like and everything else. That definitely makes you appreciate everything that we had and we still do have, like we're still so lucky to be in Australia and Austraya's definitely though we've had some losses, we've we're in a really good position, like we compared to the rest of the world, like we're probably going to get back to normalcy before everyone else does, most countries do, and we certainly haven't had the rate of fatality or in faction that most Western countries have. I think that's a beautiful thing about having twenty five me and people in what the six or seven's largest country in the world. Most countries are really highly candnse like the US and Italy and obviously China's like there's no way, by the way, there's yeah, Wayne, I have threezero depths. I just got to say, yeah, there's no I think why? I think they do this thing population study on how many people in a kilometer based on the area sort of thing. Yeah, I think we are down to like something like for between three to five. Don't I remember seeing it, but I kind exactly remember where something like you know, America is up two hundred fifty four and then you've got China, which China, which is in two hundreds and Indias in like four hundreds breklometer SOS it. You just think about that number for a second. I could be pulling these numbers out. Don't got me on it. I've read said something like that. Yeah, well, that's right. And like you look at like California, for example, like the population of like a we are what population of California, the State of California, which is obviously on the west coast, as just under forty million people. That was numbers based off twenty eighteen. And the size of California is kind of like Victoria, except it's on a different angle, so it's probably like Victoria and a half and it's got double our population essentially in that small space. So it is, you know, that's pretty, pretty voliable. That's exactly, I think packet. You look at Pakistan, Pakistan. I speak about Pakistan because I'm from Pakistan. Pakistan is the size of perhaps, but maybe we knew, south Wales and Victoria combined, I believe, and it's got in two hundred and in four hundred million people. Some of that May. Yeah, wow, what's ums? What's what's it like over there? Actually heard much about Pakistan, of her, and heard some bad stuff about obviously in the air, like they'd be. That would be doing it tough like China was originally. But what the pack? He's been like the pacside. They're doing actually very good, the reason being the thing is you got to remember Pakistan's and nation where they're not they're obedient their leaders, sure, and you know the and the leader in around hand. You remember man kind, the cricket player. They see, they see the president, he's the Prime Minister of Shit. Yeah, I did so he yeah, he's he's you know, he grew up in England and he's got his very is a very smart character and he's one of those people that can...

...actually lead a nation. So He's new school and he's not the you know, he's not the kind where, you know, it's not political, but he he's good enough to lead people, because people follow him, not because of his position but because they like him. Yeah, there, because he's always been the national hero. Yeah, yeah, someone who brought the you know, the Cup back to Pakistan in you know, one of the one you know that. I think he won the ninety four or ninety two. Work up something like that nightmen and honest. Yeah, so you need not put the World Cup back. Yeah, it might be. I don't exactly remember what World Cup it was, but yeah, so, you know, people respect him a lot and you know he's obviously, they said, there's a split. Some people don't like him because he grew up in England and he's got that. Yeah, so he's got that Westernized. You know, this porters of him, him drinking a big good old beer, throwing back school is yeah, but you know, but people don''t like him that because in Islamic nation, but also in saying that, people get that back. He's the fact that he's new school and he understands how to run a country, which is which is good, and people listen to him. So when he says it stay home, people said, okay, stay home and you know, he put yeah. So people just stayed home and like not much enforcement through the military either, which is pretty brilliant, given that they pull are military any given moment. They can at any time. Yeah, I mean that anytime. Fun fact, I didn't know this. Pakistan actually has the fourth largest military in the world. Did you know that the fourth others or fifth largest. Yeah, well so, yeah, they've got a mill military size of just under, just under a millions or seven hundred, like seven hundredzero people, military personnels and stuff, so, which is scary to think about. How, once again, going back to what I suppose, they've got a condensed pop, then seven Hundred Tho, seven million, seven hundred me like sorry for a million people, something like that. And then, you know, obviously you get the big mill. The tree is well so, which is good. Yeah, I don't know if you're good, but yeah, I bet it is what it is. Yet two hundredwold me and it looks like which is yeah, which is probably what I would been top ten easily. It's funny because like the biggest military in the world is the US, like in terms of the amount of money they spend and, I believe, the amount of people in the military. and You got China and you've got Russia. There's like a big drop off, like you've got sort of four or five countries then it goes away. It's sort of interesting how, I mean, surely that's going to have to change to like with with the world coming back to some form of normalcy. But what really is normalcy? Anyway, it's just different. But hopefully that's, you know, people start to realize that we need to spend more money on areas that prevent this sort of thing happening and we can look after our people and not spend, you know, an exorbit amount on somewhere else. I mean that'd be nice. Yeah, absolutely. And what is normal? And I've been talking to a lot of people and she's starting to be the I've been talking to a lot of my friends and making sure our runs okay, and some people aren't doing as great. I've, you know, you've been speaking to my family members, just making sure they know fear. You know, some people are obviously there's this two spectrum of people right now. There's some people going to complete psychos has right now and I'm being trying to talk to them, and there is those people who were just sort of chilling back, which is which is good that they are, you know, other people spending fear. There's so much. There's a mixture of pep what's going on right now, and what I was at the beginning was telling them things will go back to normal. Then I thought to myself, what he is going to be the new normally, I don't think it's going to be normal. I thinking's going to change. But I have a I have a question for you, Lackland, and perhaps this is a rhetorical question. You know the way of life that we're living right now, where we don't go to the gym. We would, we can't go to the gym right and you know, we have to keep social distance from everyone. Imagine if this was new life. Yeah, what would we do to adapt to this methodology of life? How would our entertainment look? How would how would our fitness look? How would our work look? I mean, imagine if this was life. Yeah, so, like it won't happen just because, like, if it does happen, it has to be obviously integrated and slightly like a slow transfer something like this... quickly. You know, if they if they said this has to be like this for the rest of time, people just going to revolt. This going to be massive civil wars across the world. And potentially, if it does happen, then it have to come off the back of that, like people wouldn't at this stage. At this current stage, there's not enough evidence to prove that it needs to and we could, even if we have to be like this for a year, it eventually move across. But under like without a doubt, money resources would move to technology advancing in terms of virtuality. They're sort of predicted that over the next ten, fifteen, twenty years before before obviously the last few months. So it makes you think like if once the once people start, I'm sure people already work on it now that's an appening. I'm sure that will advance really quickly and that's kind of scary in a sense, but it's also really, really intriguing as well. And then, obviously, in terms of having to police, if you this is kind of a political angle, but if people needed to be away from each other like then you'd be talking about police state. And then that that's sort of where it gets a little bit diarcy. So it's on the one hand, will, I understand, like it did change things and we're heading towards that situation, but it's it's got to be yeah, it can't just can't be forced upon anyone, because it just you take away freedoms and that's even and I absolutely I think that's going on now. That's it. That and that's why there was a rhetorical question in man and what would we do? It is so fascinating to think that the reason I ask that question right was too to for you and I to think about the value of just being able to get out of the House and talk to people. What is the value of that? And now, you know, if we go back, you know, if we step back for a second and to think about our ancestors went through to give us this life we have today, you know, because they would have got you know, you look at I'm talking about, you know, camps in Germany in the time that you know, people had to go through that suffering and there's you know, there's wars and all those things that happened, and I'm you know, they were religious wars, and I'm not saying that we have to suffer the same, but I'm just saying that it is, it is it put really push things into perspective if this was new life, because I would, you know, the people have gone through similar scenarios before and for extended period of time. And Right now, you and I, I I'm so I'm struggling to be here, like be inside right and just to think that some people have gone through this for extended period of time just really starts putting thing to perspectives for you that you know, we need to start going back to gratitude that you know always got that gratitude droughts, saying hey, man, like we've got it good, we've got a good it's yeah, most definitely, and I'm kind of like, the way I'm kind of thinking about it right now is like when, yeah, there's got to be industries that, like, there's going to be a lot of even personal training businesses that might actually looked at. is they realize the money that can make online, they might actually stay there. But in terms of when, when, you know, we do eventually are able to integrate back into each other's lies and everything else were at, people just going to be so grateful and people are going to spend money and kind of go a little bit crazy, because it's like that rubber band effect, but people are going to be so at least for a short period of time, it's going to be like we've made it through like a war in a sense, like not not in terms of obviously the type of loss of life or how the loss of life came about, but certainly a battle where we're all been impeded upon and it's been taken out of our hands. So we're going to be so grateful for you know, I'm already grateful for what I had and what I still do have. So people just going to come back to whatever they do, you know, whether it's community or training or work or just obviously socializing. That would be a big aspect of it. To socializing is going to the Mejia one. That's why I can see a lot of positives coming out of it. You know, there's obviously the negatives that we know about, but I think once we actually get through it, it's actually going to put a wave of a lot of a lot of positive tivity on a lot of people. I think, for the situation we have, one hundred percent.

It was we needed as a society. We needed a wake up call and I remember, I feel listen to earlier episodes and I was talking, we were talking about these things said. We know, with society has become complacent in a sense, where we just complain about everything and we just, you know, sit there and when and you know, not appreciate the things we have because everything is an issue. So you know, when everything is an issue, it really puts things, really puts things into perspective when you start looking at what happens when there is an issue, because everyone, you know, starts if you now you're going back to technology and like the advancement for a second, and this is something that I can talk about because it's, you know, sort of my areas of my expertise. And you know, I remember telling I don't I remember telling that Localan. I work with companies, and I said to them, Hey, like, let's move forward. Right, let's move forward, let's move into what's the few? What does the future hold for you as and what do we want to start doing? And it was always that, like or maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, because, you know, why would you fix something that's not broken? And so, because it was never about that, it was always about not about future proving and living. It was always about living in the moment and doing business on the day as well. But what it was about was moving forward in a way where you don't where you're not living the past, because that's what causes the problems in everything. Right. And then you look at technology and not, and then there's two groups of people. The other group of people who jump ahead R that you get the jumping ahead people, some aspect of him I really smart, because those are the people do start pushing technology. The only problem is right now, you know, and I talked about this because, you know, I see so many people pushing for V are right. We are virtual reality, right, and I keep saying this, I think. I think we are virtual reality in a sense what people are talking about, because people keep talking about those, you know, virtual reality in a sense where, like, you know, if you have got the VR, own the goggles and all that stuff. Right. Yeah, that's about five years away. The reason being is just in practical at the moment and there's not much, not much that you can do with it. And it's just in practical in a sense where computing isn't just computers. There SPEA is under up to the salty facilitate that really to anything. Like you can go on a dodgy roller coaster ride for about ten minutes where that's the day and you feel sick after that because, you know, you get motion sickness and stuff. So there's a lot of advancements need to be made on that one. But now what I'm going to talk about is this is a problem right now the problem is is when we say, when I said, let's go move online, no one listen. But now everyone is doing this online streams and I own everyone is doing content, which is which is brilliant that now there's the problem with everyone doing that is because now everyone is doing what everything was being done online before, because they haven't come up with new ideas. They just started doing what people were already doing online. So, let's say if there was a person who's running a business of doing you know x, you know on site or like physical or a physical location. Now, instead of doing the same thing online occasion, they have taken on what they were what other people are doing online have started doing that online. Yeah, so they once again there's a problem where, you know, the problem into even though they moved online, they didn't really actually integrate their own business and their own ideas. So that good. That's a lot of it. Also, you know, there's there's going to be a large percentage of people that do what they need to and not outside that, and a lot of is just leading to do it very quickly, like wow, my business is going to go under if I don't act in the next couple of weeks. It's yeah, people are still taking not the easy route, but it's just a very minimalist, very copy paste type of attitude, and that's what people because I guess a lot of people still believe that it's they still have that belief that it's just going to go back to the way it was before, like this is just temporary thing. So I think the people that say it is a temporary thing and the ones that choose that path and the ones that maybe have a deeper of understanding of kind of history and where things are headed, they're the ones that are actually putting more thought into it and and doing it a lot, doing it differently. I guess, and I want to be...

...very clear on our disincredible podcast, things are not going to go back to what you expect them to go back to, which, I what, the way it was before and will never go back now. You just want to remember that. You know, all of a sudden people realize that, you know, they can work from home. That realization means a lot. So this is this is a shout out for people who own businesses. Your employee is what want to come to work and you know, you say, well, you know, fuck them, I'm just going to hire another person. That other person is going to be the same, you know. So people have just learned that they can work from their home. The thing about working from home is, and sometimes, you know what, people actually want to get out of the House and work in a place a hundred percent because the it gives them that break from home. What's going to happen is, or the thing is, but all of a sudden people realize they don't have to sit in traffic for two hours to get to work. All they can do is just where suit in an office and not fucking far whenever you want to and have to bloody not at everyone, and like that sort of aspect of it. Like I believe in not, you know, working from your bedroom, because you just can't. You need a separate relaxation from work and everything else, but everything else that goes along with it. Like, yeah, wake of going back on the trains, they're going to be like, what's going to happen is there's going to be a lot of coworking spaces pop up and people would work one to work from near their home. So, you know, maybe the name my home there's a coworking area. Yeah, that makes sense, and people will just pop up and rock up there and then, you know, in this close to their home, they just get out have a shower, because people still need to have a shower and get to that, to getting to the zone, because then that's why I talked about scheduling. There's a video that we made under US, your media, which was talking about scheduling as well, and says because it gives you. That gives you, that gives you that switch to do something right, because you need those markers that tells you that now you're doing this, the markers for working is that you know you're now going to work and had a shower and the get up. Yes, yeah, so that you still need that. That's why right now everyone is feeling, to quote unquote, depressed and feeling interest is because they're not getting that. So what you need. You know, what they will do is they'll still go to work with their work means. They just will step out of their house and go to the neighborhoods, you know, go working space. Yeah, but it just saves that. You know that that mask gatting of people in like into workplace in the city mean a starting from and obviously companies will realize this as well, because think of how much money they will save on running cost of huge buildings. You know, you do right now. You know, any bees are huge bank and a be have sent all the employees home in a majority of them, you know. But think about how big the building that they run is and think about how much cheaper it is for them to just let employees work from home. Yeah, you know. Yeah. So there's obviously a lot of industries that are on that break over this. A lot of industries that are insurance, banking, obviously telecommunications, like heapes of tapes of injuries that weren't will be, you know, heapes of retail like retailers. And hostility is a giant part of the economy. So there's a lot of people that will go back to, I guess you know, jobs and job places that they were at previously. But I mean, imagine cutting away fifty percent of the people that have to go under the city every day. Like imagine how much, how much more of an enjoyable part like Sydney will be when me and people aren't having a rush in there every day like that's going to be absolutely absolutely and there and you know what will happen, obviously. So hostit obviously people. What I'm talking about. I'm talking about is clerks, clerk in a sense, whether you are bank teller, you're in a phone call, like you know you do, whether you do like you know, Call Center, all of that stuff can be done from home because you've got a wipe technology and all that stuff. You can be done from anywhere. And you know, we've set this up before, so I know that it can be done. But you know, those people can go home and but imagine how much easier it would be to develop a city. You know, you could put buildings up in days because it just be easier because there's isn't much traffic... control and it isn't my people to worry about it. Just Theo. All of a sudden the world will start becoming it will be a new step into technology, HMM, and which you know. But yeah, gone, none that. You keep continuing our souls really. Yeah, so it'll be. It'll be incredible step, but you know, so going going back to having a shower. It makes you gives you that feel of you know you are you need to do something. I just want to quickly. I want to bring up a little bit of a topic which is or a talking point, which is motivation. I'll tell you what's one quicking maybe cinema. I think I'll be the first one that show. But they've been going for a while, though. That's the thing. Yeah, they've been going since Netflix came around. It's like blockbuster. Blockbuster didn't want to keep up betime. They were gone on in no time. But that they had the opportunity to keep up with their time. But you know what happened? They had a new CEO come on board, hole the CEO who believed in believed that the online would never work. That's why he stuck to think. They were so close even in fact, there was a time Netflix was willing to sell netflix to blockbuster. There's a really good podcast called business wars on spotify and apple podcast if you guys want to check it out to listen to the whole story. So the whole story goes that blockbuster was happy, was about to buy Netflix for pennies, right, for nothing, like sixty am and of selling kitty. Yeah, so sad, so super cheap. And they were gonna, they were and they were good, just gonna go online. But what happened was their board of directors, once again, they were old people, and I never have anything against all people and I'm will get into that old people thing as well, but you know, I never have anything against all people. But the fact was the old people decided that no, this isn't going to happen. So what we should do is we should move to back to what we do best, is, you know, distribut DVD's, and they shot them there. Instead of instead of doing that, what they did was fired the CEO who was going to buy Netflix and they employed a new one who believed in what the board said. And what happened was blockbuster field. Yeah, but same thing with movie theaters. They would they didn't. They didn't adapt quick enough. They didn't adapt quick enough and they're gonna go, you know adapting. What they should have done is, if they wanted to keep movie theaters around, they should have turned them into spaces of like, you know, event spaces. Yeah, it's like you have to do just like an arena, just like a hotel might do, like they might put on music instead of just having a, you know, bees and food, like they put on events, they put on you know, different sort of yeah, they just in the hols week enough and like they made everything all pretty and they put new seats in and everything else, which is all nice. But like once, once a big I think once a big like a Netflix or Amazon prime, one of those companies can lock in a deal with, say, Sony, Your Warner Brothers, where they can get instant release and pay that, you know, ten dollars higher fee or whatever it is. Once they can do that because there's obviously a big there's obviously a big relationship and I imagine a big contract between production companies who make movies and it obviously cinemas who put it on. Once that gets infiltrated, which has already been a few kind of smaller movies that have kind of done that, like once a big movie moves over and once a big contract gets done, like the new ever single or wonder woman noble. Yeah, the new wonder woman went straight to on demand. Yeah, really, I did hear that's what's going to happen to did they? They officially did it today. Yeah, so I think, but I'm not. I don't think it went on Netflix, but I'm pretty sure no went. And there was a new movie offered of wind diesel. It's called blood, blood shot, blood shots at no, sorry, fast the fear is forty, but no, the blunch, the new movie blood shot right, huge action film, huge budget film, went straight to Youtube. Yeah, really? Yeah, went straight to...

...a youtubes and ither want to keep forgetting out there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they they've got the biggest movie collection in the work for sure. You know, here's the fine prole us. Is it like Amazon prime and all those other ones are like good and everything else. And Netflix. The thing about Netflix, those people are so locked into that that structure of paying the monthly. Feel like they're gonna have to figure something else that to be able to generate enough money to get, you know, to get people to be able to pay, because that's obviously for the foreseables few. I mean I'm sure another subscription company come up, but, like Netflix will have to in order to get like a really big movie. They can't just stick to their ten dollars a month. You think they're going to have to do something? I don't know, unless they've just got that much money where they yeah, it's tricky. It's tricky. You know what, you know what, you know what happened with Netflix. Netflix is doing great and they they're doing great because they stuck to one thing the only problem is that in the they stuck to one thing. Yeah, that's right, you'll go back to so not right now. Netflix can't get the rights to be movies because they discount generate enough income. Yeah, for big movies, but then you got that's why they have to produce their own films, because they can't get the licenses to big movies. But when you know what Youtube does, and what Youtube does is you can buy movies on Youtube. Yep, you buy a movie for forty eight hours and then you have to buy it again to watch it. Yep, if you want to watch it again. So Youtube got it sort. So that's why they've got the biggest collection of movies, because people will rather, you know, every time you watched, you pay per view, which and that's gotten established. They've got that established brand of it to like people used to doing it for smaller amounts, like five or six dollars for a like. There's been fights on there for quite some time and that sort of thing. And if it's a big movie, like fuck, you're going to pay you. I mean, how much do you pay to go to the movies? You pay your twenty dollars and then he pay a hundred fifty eight dollars for some popcorn. So it's easy dry exactly. I watched the I watched a movie blood shot on Youtube, which is a movie. Did that just came out good. It was meant to, because so what I paid for it was twenty two bucks, which is exactly what I would have paid at cinema. The only different was my friends could watch her here with me as well. Yeah, you, I'm delias. I thought it was good. Yeah, it was a it wasn't what I expected would yeah, ok, was it like it was a bit more in depth than a standard action film, like it was a little bit more clever or yeah, you know. So you go in his thinking with the you know the plot. You Go in thinking that you know the plot, because it's when diesel little bit Corny at the you know. You're like, Yep, you know the plot. Then the movie takes a twist, and the twist you just didn't I didn't see the twist coming. I was like, Oh, you still have a forty eight hours, or was it run out? Sorry, what was that? You still have that on hire? Or is that time run out? It's time run up. Okay, there are forty. It do there fair enough sor yeah, I'll have a look and see if I can send it through to you, but you know, it's yeah, it was a good so that was that was good. But what I think you tube should do, youtube should do a what audible does. So if you know, if someone from Youtube here is this, this is what you should do. You should give everyone who is on premium a free movie a month. Yeah, because you know how audible gives you a free book a month. So you give a movie credit and what you do is, if you give that movie credit, what will happen is people would keep paying that premium subscription because you know, I saw I pay for you tube premium, but you didn't bring Um. Doesn't get me movies. What it does? It just gets me few extra things and, you know, some Bait and office to listen to it, right, you can fagin switch fight off. Yeah, you can tell your yeah, that's right. But what I would do, as you, if I was youtube, I give away one free movie a month and let people still charge people for other if they want to get any extra movie. So give them like what your one credit a month. What what audible does? What audible? Right, audible. Yes, audible is smart. So what audible is done is majority of the book are about fourteen bucks, right, but you pay at twenty two bucks. You pay I think it's like seventeen buses. Seventeen dollars a subscription a month and you get so I think it's fourteen dollars ascription month. I might be something else...

...there for an. I might have to look exact number. So I think it's like yet you pay ten, might be eleven, the same as Netflix. Right. So you pay eleven dollars or something like that a month and you get one, one book for one ordering Audio Book for free. But what happens is you you can buy other books as well. I think that's what youtube should do and they'll be great. They'll be better for it. Yeah, playstation playsasion store actually do the same thing. So, just like Xbox as for a long time, actually paid a play online now. So if you pay a monthly, you pay ninety nine a month and you actually get two free games per month and this this month was actually the entire uncharted series, which is a pretty one of the biggest game series of all times. So that playstation I followed almost that same business model, which is really clever. That's right anyway. So that's that's a little bit about technology and advancement technologies. I want to go quickly once again. I stick to that shower. I I came up with a court that's from a new can you know? This is from the original. I would talk about this, right, which is so after have to they do have any references matter? Or is it truly it's an a Nick A. can't we know a dot hunt, two thousand and seven month, two thousand two rush. It's yeah, comte, has any in BRAC close bracket? So the quote is you don't need motivation, you just need to have a fucking shower. Hmm Right, the really leave? I say that. I will elaborate. The reason I say that is because, you know, we keep doing you know, hey, I need motivation, I need motivation, I need to do that, I need to do this, I need, you know, someone motivate me or someone do me. The like people watching motivation videos and you know, you read a book or you watch a video, all of a sudden you feel motivated to do something and then that ways off. All right, that ways off, but this what what stays, is the habits that you build, and we always talk about this and I think the habits are the most important thing. But if you ever, if you ever know like you know, let's say, if you're going out right like after you normally when you'd go out on a night out, you'd go out at like, let's say, you know, eight o'clock, right, and most of the time you wore you're retired, you feel and know, you know you feel tired because you've just done the whole day. You've got to work and done all that stuff. But then, if you ever notice, you have a shower, you put on Nice clothes, all of a sudden you feel so excited to go out. Do you agree on that? Local hundred percent? Hundred said. Yeah, it cold showers or some of actually, I actually don't really have hot ones anymore. But Yeah, just the act of getting in, they having a shower, maybe player and some music. It's just like a racet. That's exactly right. So what that he's doing is that's a trigger for your mind to let you know that you're ready to do stuff. Yesterday I had a yesterday, for no no obvious reason, I decide to have a shower and get ready and put on some nice clothes, and this that. That's when I came up with this theory. All of a sudden I feel excited to do stuff, excited to do stuff right and right now, which is a time where everyone feels uncertain and everyone is saying that, you know, they feel anxious and they don't feel like doing anything productive because there's a lot of pressure to do. You know, there's a lot of instagram pressure. The reason I what I call instagram pressure is the you know, the fake, the the what is it called? The what's the word to describe that superficial pressure to do. You know, everyone keeps saying if you come out of this pen com pandemic without build, you know, building a new business or a freaking new habit or learn something new, you know you wasted your time and you know, absolutely true, which is true. I agree with that. The only thing is the pressure is unnecessary. Yeah, that's right, and same thing with it doesn't need to be those examples. It doesn't need to be those examples. It just needs to be something relevant to your life, I think, because that sort of pressure. But I think, yeah, it's a different it's a variable that that it's a nice instagram quote and it is really true and it's a good Hussle, but a lot of people don't need house right now. They just need to do one thing right. They need to do one one foot in the other top stuff. What that's that's exactly right, and they need to do they need to do one foot. That's right, one foot in front of other. What... comes what it comes down to is the fact that, you know, although there's that pressure and then there's other pressure, what it comes down to is the fact that you have to want to do things and do what you feel like doing and do what you've always wanted to do that you needed the time for. Where they stalk to family or do watch Netflix right, like you know, I never I don't normally watch a lot of movies and stuff because I'm pretty busy most of the time because, you know, if I work from like you know, s like you know, thirty am through to like six PM by the time I get home, go to the gym, I just want it. You know, there's not much time I have to watch movies and stuff, but I have the time to watch movies. So even if you want to do that, you can go ahead do that. You know. That's what I'm saying. So there and then there's a pressure to do nothing. People are saying, you know, this is a time to do do absolutely nothing and hang out and just enjoy yourself, like you know, and be anxious. First of all, no, don't be anxious, because first this is where you need to stay positive. You know, being positive you to make a choice. And you know, right now there's there's a big thing specially with millennial millennials. Millennial, as you know, the what we are as well, lack on. Yeah, you know, there's are big we have this we need to continuously feel threatened and continuously feel feel like we're offended by something and, you know, we need to take offense to something and we need to be scared and we need to be, you know, count we have this weird thing about the millennials have this weird thing about them. Some of them is obviously people who want from anyway, from nineteen eighty one through to one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, and, you know, obviously everyone else. Everyone calls us the entitled generation, and you know, people who, you know, there's so many variables as to why we are like this, but you know, we have this wheel to you know, we have this need to make feel that. How like, you know, we need to feel things, we need to feel annoyed, we need to feel sad. Know that the thing is just change your perspective of what's going on in the world and you see as to how much better off you are and all of a sudden you'll feel better than thing is. But they don't want to do that because changing the perspective mean then you can't play the victim cards. So yeah, so that's the game that's going on there. But going back to the motivation thing, what I need by think what the reason that occurred is, obviously social media was a big influence on it, because I gave people will voice, people a voice who necessarily, like everyone deserves to have a voice, but it gave people the platform to, you know, put their opinions out when they don't really that we kind of don't necessarily need to. In a sense, like I'm not explaining it very well, but so throughout human history we haven't had the ability to kind of explain something and we actually it's a really good thing. But also, the same time, like most of that sort of thing comes from the Western world, or pretty much all does, because we're all pretty lucky to live in a place where we don't aren't too worried about a roof of our heads or like we're not threatened by anything to Major. So people have had to create problems, create things to go at, just because that's that's kind of human nature in a sense. Like there we've always, you know, from the beginning, we've evolved from hunters and gatherers, and so we've always had something to worry about and something to be can you know, something to be concerned about. So when you live in a society where, quite unquote, first world problems, if are your only problems, like that's where I think that's what breeds that. And then just having that that system where there's me and people, I can get on twitter and attack someone online and then people go after it there and it's like, Oh crap, like this is actually getting us some attention, and then that's kind of bleeds into everything else and it just become very popular. That's one thing that I've loved about the one thing I'm going to hate the media coverage. But one thing I've loved about what's going on right now is there's no more me to its brother. There's no more. There's no more bloody getting people canceled like that. Stuff is pushed away. So it's it's interesting, it's crazy because it just doesn't yeah, absolutely, but these other yeah, these other variables as well. So the variables are things like you know, I these are variables like,... know, the weird, the culch. You know what we are where in the nation of you know, Participation Award. Yeah, with the generation of participated participation award. Man, that that shit is the worst thing ever. Like, you know, you think about your giving people, if you think about the psychology of it, everyone, everyone knows how habits work. Right, habits work. You know, Q, You got, you get the trigger, you get the action, you get the reward. Right now, if you mess the whole system up by giving the reward regardless, what's the point of doing anything? So it's easier to complain and get the reward, because that's what we've always done, right, we've complained and we've got in the reward. And I say we because, as I'm speaking from like speaking, as saying in a sense of millennials, we that's why we don't we've complained and we've got on the reward. So you know, you've got you've got a little joy in his preschool, you know, he goes Oh, you know. Then you got joy, he was running. He you know, he fell over and couldn't even couldn't finish the race. And then you got, you know, jared or they will finish the race and joy and jared both get the same award. Yeah, what's a point of what's up point of jared trying harder than joy, you know, and but what joy did? We just started crying and so joy got the same award. Then what was the point of jared actually winning the race and actually putting in effort? There was no point. What jared realized is you could get the same reward with less effort by just crying. Yeah, yeah, Yep, and that sort of behavior it like when it's not yeah. So, like my parents, I was taught I was shown a lot of love as a kid, but I was also taught to work for everything and like you know, in cricket, for example, if I get out and you know, if I did something wrong, my dad would tell me right, you've done this wrong, will work on it, will get better, instead of like now, you're all right, you did really well. That's not fair, let's go get MAC has, like that's those little ly like that sort of kind of love, like kill it, like it's kind of like that love of teaching people the Truth About Life. Like a lot of that sort of gone away. So people, yeah, like that that sort of behavior that you did as a little kid. That hasn't been that hasn't been taught that. That's like you get to a certain age and you can't do that. Like that's kind of what school is meant to do. Is Like you've meant to work for something in to get a reward and then you come back and do it all again. It's for some reason, like a lot of a lot of parents, I like, just have decided and I think that's where it really starts, like it's the way your parent died, and then from there you go on. So I don't. Yeah, I think it's only been ten or fifteen years where that's really happened, like it's been. Well, it's this generation. This is the generation that all of it's the generation who is between, I think, thirty through till they would be so ninety six woulds or so of the end, thirty trough to whatever the age game see actually thirty five through till so they were born in nineteen three nine, ninety one, thosand nine hundred and eighty one through to one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. So that's that's the maybe also his parents as all, because parents, their parents, would argue and then, you know, be like Oh, you know, let's do this and all that, and then also being told that you could do you know, actually, it's really funny because my one of my house mays to send me a video which I sort of watched, Andy Simon something, his name is, and he was talking about the fact that same thing that parents gave the you know, parents argued for their children's and what also what also happened was a parents were arguing with the teachers for the for the children, saying hey, you know, you should give give my child an a, and then teachers, with the sake of just saving the argument, they're just like yeah, you know what, everyone gets a, you know, and which is really interesting because my parents are, because I come from an ethnic background. Right now, I want to I want to say this right because I know locking you said, well, this is Western world. I actually would argue, because it's a lot of it as well. It's not just qustn word. It's actually the same thing is happening. I see in Pakistan as well. I see it might be few years too late, it might be actually might be the later generation of the millennials, but it's the same thing is happening. So maybe it's just a few years behind, but the same thing is happening there as well.

Yeah, it's the digital world, not the western yeah, that's a little bit do general, just because obviously don't have an understanding outside of what I'm used to. So it's the age of growing. It's the digital age, which is, yeah, around the digitally, that's right. Host, so host thousands. Yeah, so that like, for example, my parents right, if I if I, let's say, fail something, if I fell over, you know what we're parents are. My parents actually gave me shit for it. They're like, you know, in fact, instead of like going fighting, like if I got sick, I'd get in trouble. Yeas. So, which is a which is a really interesting way to think about it, where I it's end up growing up like okay, well, I need to put effort in, you know, because if I don't, I get in trouble. But you know, it's almost a reverse psychology. Sometime it wasn't. That's what I used to be but you know, then again, every nation, every generation has their flaws and goods. But I think what we are suffering from is this too. There's a reason I'm going back to the whole idea started from. This is wouldn't have patients, nor discipline or we need. We need, we continuously need, need to feel motivated and we continuously need to feel that we need to do something big. Yet the fact is you can never do anything big without doing the small thing. Yeah, you know what's a saying about ocean? Make every drop, you know, dropping the ocean, you know. You know, ocean is made up of many minute money, microdrops or something like that. Yeah, one, yeah, what this one drop, but that has yeah, I know exactly. You're trying to say. We won't get caught in a way sacause. YEA, tubs all over sir. But and that's kind of the I guess one of the cons of having being so integrated in a digital society is, like you have access. Where you used to, if you wanted to find something out, you step to go to the library and look it up, or you used to have to go speak to someone. Now you could. You've got the world in your hand, so to say. So that's kind of like that. That is of access kind of gives people just a natural sense of privilege and, like I'm we all have it to just because that's kind of part of living in today's society, a little bit like you don't realize, and that's a beautiful thing about the situation right now. It's actually it's actually forced us to kind of take us there back and and appreciate what we had what we do have. Absolutely it's it's that great meme that I saw from the the meme the bean page on facebook. The mean was, you know, the greatest greatest minds in history and it said it says, you know, early, early sown times, and you get Albert Einstein, you've got Nicola Tesla, you've got PhD students and you got all these people and then you've got caren on facebook. Yeah, yeah, it's the way the opinions all right, isn't it? Yes, card and facebook, because it's true, everyone's got an opinion right now, like I hear so many and people are talking, and we spoke about this in the last episode. So many people are talking shit about the government. Man, you don't know what it takes to make a decision on that caliper. So Stop freaking you know, picking on the government, because all you doing is creating unnecessary noise. That's a diluting the messages that need to get across two people. That's one thing I've really has opened my eyes about going back on facebook. I didn't use facebook for nearly year and then saying that kind of political discourse that goes on, and a lot of it comes directly from the media. So they're they're the blame for a large part of it. But yeah, like, if, if you know, you can have an opinion, but you just not many people really know what's actually going on and what's really happening. So, like, it's just, it just is. It's a I think it's it's a it's a trait. It's a personality trait that people who are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their life that have and like it sounds very confrontational, that sounds that sounds kind of doesn't sound overly Nice, but I think it's the truth. Like people who people who are happy, don't aren't on facebook ranting about the government like it is what it is, like. I think that's I think that is what it is. You know, well, that's that's it, and I think that that's the way. It's not too yeah, now, I fear for sure. That's what if you got millennials doing it as well, because they've got an opinion about everything, because millennials need to feel need to feel like they've got they've got to stick... a say we should I do, and you know, I'm all, look, I'm not gonna lie. I think millennials were the wind, because we are the most advanced generation there is. And, by the way, I also want to say it's not because we did something great, is because we just happened to be there, right. But in saying that, we've adapted well. So there's some really cool quirks about us with you know, we are kind of cool, really, you know, we are the nation that accepts people. We're not racist and all that stuff, right, which is the good side of things. So, you know, I mean we the first nation like we don't see doors, we don't see borders, we just enjoy you know, we don't see colors, we see people, right, gender equality or ter equality and all that stuff, right, you know, I've never seen, you know, I to be honest, I'm not going to lie. I've never felt you know, and I'm gonna obviously there's been times that I would have felt racism coming in through other bit but I don't. In general, I've never felt like people were racist towards me. But I think people did exactly what they did to other people because they are mean to me, because people are just mean to each other. Yeah, that's that's that's a fact. But I don't think my generation was ever mean to me because I was Brown. Right. So, which I want to which I want to stress on how incredible that is, because that equality comes across. You know, obviously, you know you get the thing off. You know, people putting Shane on your own. You know, shut up, you know you this is, you know, a joke about this in a joke about that, your culture, which I always appreciate it because I got to do the same. You know, I got to make the whole you know, if someone made a brown person joke, I made a white person joke, then it was Hahrd, this is funny, but that's what we did. So that's what we really could at and we know we don't care about borders. You know, we want open border policies and all that stuff, which we are doing really good. The problem comes in that we need to feel like there we are in constant, constant distress because we need this because, you know, the real problem is because we don't have real problems to solve. Yeah, so we just sit they create our own problems and need to be like, Oh, look, you know, I'm sad because this problem and this problem and and that's in. That's been a real problems. That's why that's in by all like that's in a humans biological day, and I like that. DEP really hard wired throughout history. Is those sort of things that have happened and that sort of even like out the way our body, like a we're meant to be, were meant to be, on a certain amount of stress, both physically and mentally. So when that when and when that's not happening, like when you don't have like when you're not, say, pushing for a career and you're not putting yourself under pressure, or when you're not physically exerting your body, or when you're, yeah, when you're kind of just playing it safe, your body. You still have that hard why? You still have that day and I where you need to get after something. You still need that simulation like and then, yeah, that's why that I think that's exactly how it all came about, for sure, like a large part of it anyway. Yeah, well, that's it and it's yeah, it's an interesting end. You know, and I think this is so many people talk about this as well, and the one of the things that come one of the people comes to mind is Gary. We talks about this, that our generation has a bad relationship with time, which is the one everything now we don't want to work for it. We don't have the patients, which is want everything now, which goes back to saying the whole thing. If you if you need, if you the reason people are struggling with motivation right now, it's because people are trying to do everything, which, and which I'm a big advocate, to do everything in the life you can, but you have to do it step by step, you have to do you have to start small, you know. You know, if you post a video today, it's not going to get a million views tomorrow because you'll go to post review to did didn't get a million views. What's the point of life? You know this. That's not was that's not what's going to happen. You know, if you's the this is a good time to build a habit. And that's why it goes back to saying you don't need motivation, you need the shower. Yeah, Yep, I think, and that's yeah, that's say. You're quite again one more time. You don't need motivation, you just need a shower. Yeah, that's pretty and, like Jordan Peter said, speaks about that rough like has that kind of concept. He speaks about in twelve rules for life. How like, if things are going on, if this chaos around you, like you've... to just eliminate things and you've got to go back and go back and you know, if you're really not in a good place, you just got to go back to what you can control. Your beer basics are making you a better in the morning, sticking to a routine, having a shower, that sort of thing, and that sort of builds like that, one little thing builds, you know, kind of can create a really good thing for the day. And exactly right. It's just about having one little thing at a time. It's so easy to get overwhelmed. But the beautiful thing about it is where it's in our control. To me, and might not feel like it, there's a lot of things outside of your control. But I think when you start looking at things that way, like when if you look at things that make you stress or things that cause you anxiety in your life like this, to they's they come from two places. Like you can if you control it, or you can't. And the things you can't control, well, accept it and realize that you can't control it. So don't worry about it, or try not to worry about you still going to worry about it anyway, but realize that you don't have any control. And then the things that you can control, you either eliminate the source of the stress or you break it down and try to remove it that way. So you can either like eliminated a bad person in a life who causes you a lot of stress, or you just kind of have to you know, if you're scared to do one thing or another, you have to understand why you need to do it. So that's a yeah, that's a really good way to kind of Allievier a lot of that anxiety as well, and something I've done for myself to absolute, absolutely, and that's the way and I think, I think, well, if we start following that sort of like you know system, we focus on what we can control, I think will be better for it as a as a nation, and, you know, think of the things that we could achieve by coming together and doing all those stuff. Yeah, most definitely. When you feel better too, when you're positive, you get more things done, like you look forward to the future, you can take on more things, and when you get down, like things just start to build up and you don't walk forwards anymore and you sort of just try not to walk backwards and it's just not's not overly great, but we all go through it as well. So it's just accepting that it's normal, like we can't not have it. It's part of being a human so kind of embrace that, learn from it and and obviously, obviously it's the truth like that, of the strength that you have to muster up to get through. That is the strength that's going to help you push through and become successful do the things you want in life. So, even though the difficult part might be difficult and overwhelming once he in order to get through that we have to get through the end bit to so kind of understand that you need those little you need that. You need the you need the trauma a little bit. You need those difficult times in life because you bounce back and appreciate, you know, when, if your first time, when you go to the if when you go to the pub right like all your next time, if you got for a few drinks in a few months, whenever it's going to be, you're just going to appreciate that moment so much because it's something that was like you took for granted and you know now you have it again. So yeah, yeah, difficult difficulties are the fun. Yeah, you need difficulties to make everything more fun. That's that's just the fact of things. If, because if you don't have, you know, if you don't have the difficult things in life, then the easy things just don't seem as fun. Yeah, create just reward. Like, yeah, it's just that feeling. It's just like when you go for a run and if you fart our surrounds, well, you don't feel that good afterwards, but if you push through, even if you don't make it, even if you're quite unquite fail or, like you wanted to run five K's and you only made it for that doesn't really matter. If you put in a hundred percent, then that's really what matters. And well, that's it. Yeah, and I want to quote the great dadeavid Goggins is like what he says in his book is like. I hope, I hope this book doesn't motivate you, because it's motive. Is Not about motivation. Actually, it sounded more like trump there the next yeah, you need to get deeper. I know Gogins does. How that voice doesn't he's very scratchy for the hard yeah, it's, yeah, it's, it's I hope this book doesn't motivate you. Something like that, although I got really good at trumpet preaching the Sea. She but yeah, this should yeah, all right, yeah, America. It's a fantastic country where it's just fantastic. Yeah, you gotta. I'm just gonna stop there...

...because that was good. Yeah, the voice is all right, but but once you learn the mensurisms and you can say it's huge or it's the best, it where the biggest with a bad place on earth, we're better than everyone else. It is, buddy, what he said the other day. He's like my my, my, bloody my. He said that his press conference about coronavirus got more views than the bachelor finale. That's actually what he said in a press comments. Like my last press conference got more views in the bachelor finale did. I'm like, it's got he's just so crazy. He's a comedians. Yeah, that's why I kind of love it, because the system had been run by bullshit for so long that even though it took a guy like this to come in, which we don't, don't like, and the guy like that sort of personality, that have that control, you don't want. But I'm also thinking like it's going to just wake people up and then people going to and now they want someone like a Joe Biden. He's eighty three years old and he's got to mention and he can barely speak. So it's a strange thing like, and I'm not trying to put shit on it, because that's a serious condition. A lot of people have it at that age. But the people like they they haven't put anyone got up. They had Clinton last time and she might be the only more corrupt person in this world, and Donald Trump, sir. I mean at the same time, I'm not really a trump fan per se, but they're not giving a lot of good oppetition like it. Yeah, there's not. There's not not a good lineup is there's just not. That's what's happening at the moment as well. That's what I'm seeing a lot of that a lot of the places. It's just not a good lineup of people who could go run for a prime minister. You go at the moment where I was, I was talking about Pakistan. It packs any politics with my mom then we're just saying, you know, if you know, if in round Cahn basically get, you know, it doesn't run for prime brime minister again the next, next term, next you know, political term, there's no one. There's no one who are actually do what you know it's worth of woting for. Same thing with America. There's no real president like wholl who the hell are going too for well, and who's qualified for it as well? Like this is a point that Joe Rogan talks about a fair bits, like who's really qualified for the role? You've got to know a bit about education, you got to know a bit about financial got to know a little bit about, you know, operation, everything else, and so like. On the one hand, it's obviously the most important position that you can have and, like we, we are a society that needs to be led, so you do need a leader. But to it kind of just showed the flaws in the system that it's a popularity contest at the end of the day, like you're voting for someone who you like. It just about getting numbers and whoever get some most votes win. So a position like that that's so important in a country and in the world like it, it can't. They kind of just open themselves up and they had. They had people who are in there before and then the meet like this is getting really political now, but the media goes one way. So you watch the NN and then you watch Fox News and they've talking about the same thing in two completely different ways. So biased. There's so much business and money that's involved with it that people who were there shouldn't be there. And you've got a like seventy percent of what a plot politician does is raise money to get enough money so they can run their campaigns. So where's that money coming from? So it's just a flawed system. So that's kind of the positive out of a trump coming in. Is it made people realize, like, this is kind of what you fuck, this is kind of what you've done to yourselves in a way. Yeah, absolutely, and look, media is so fucking corrupt, like medias, that you know, you think of trump. You know who's worse than trump? fucking media, and that's me, especially the you fake news. The thing, you're a fake news. You'll fink it's a hittle address. Few can know but, like you know, I want to. I want to see an example. So, a few months ago a sunrise, sunrise or whatever they called the morning show rain story in Australia. Right the story was about the women who posted on her social media saying that, you know, she wakes up at thirty and makes her husband breakfast before he goes to work and then later works out in meditates and you know, and I like and you know what, what the channel did? They cut up the part where she does... out and meditates and get stuff done before the kids wake up. And all this showed was on the on the channel, all the showed was I wake up for thirty in the morning to make my husband breakfast and they tour match shit about her. Yeah, yeah, that was so ridiculous. And what actually happened is he owns he I think he's a construction worker and he they also own like a boot taker, small personal training business as well. So he works like forty and fifteen hours a day, something crazy. His wife has, like they have kids. His wife, I think his wife, supports the personal training business but obviously understands that he's got to get up at for thirty in the morning because he worst construction as well. So he's got basically two full time jobs and his wife their supporting him by up, getting up and kind of that's the only time they get to spend with each other. It's on. Yeah, they said she was making yeah, she makes break and does and they've left out the part where she said she merritates and works out. Yeah, but because that's all full morning routine, because then it will be like well, you know, she's waking up just because eggs wants to spent time with him and but they left her and then it was all primetime channel nine, like breakfast TV. That was like not some dodgy forget, that was the some of the most highly rated TV in the country. So like so little Eva. It's definitely some corruption, but for me it could have just been. Whoever the producer was that put that story together. Just don't know. It says at all. It isn't no, no reason. It's not about effort. They, they, they're doing that because it's more spicy. Yes, more spicy. Yeah, and I know, I know this. Course it's more spicy and it gets more reviews and it's like it's like the whole story about. You know, you got what is the other one? Sixteen minutes. And Man, these people are soaked up because they would go far ast getting anything for us, because you know what's happening. This scared. This scared Shitless, because the reason they're scared is because online social media staking over and they gotta do anything to hold on and they're right now. They will do anything. They don't care about people. All they care about is how many people are sting tuned in right now. Yeah, and more people are more likely. Yeah, so that's why, that's why. This is spies. And so what I want to really see the people, if you get your news for anyone from anyone who is who is a not federally run. So you're going to you can maybe something like, you know, I think a vs. The is still some sweat federally run, right. So paut somew has some yeah, or middle public. Yeah, publicly funded, yet public and Funda. So you if you getting your news from the Gatin, used from them. Everyone else is soaker up. I actually did. I actually did. I recently had to look at a article for someone which was based for my university and we were like, it was for you know, they asked me to look at that and see if I could see a political agenda. Like and hundred the whole article was inundated with agendas in it. You know, there was so much agendas of just try to do different things, because you got to think about media hosts so much powers and they want to do what works best for them and as a company they're a giant of ours own and it's a whole freaking word of its own, that whole mass media, and they will do anything to make sure that whole thing keeps on running because they are threatened by Free Lancer, free Lancing generalists and all that stuff. But this is one thing I want to say. Man, I went to university because, you know, I obsy study communication, and when I was at university with the idealistic journalist, journalist these two tell me how they were going to change the world and will get the messages out of people. Then these guys were so brilliant and bright and, you know, motivated. What the fuck happened to you when you started working for Channel Line? Yeah, what? When? What I would owned these what happened to you? What happened to all your idealism? Why are you working for those people? That's what my question is. Yeah, yeah, it's just the money. Money can corrupt and like it's a it's kind of the prestage of working to drop you real those and then it's too late. Like it's the same with being a politician as well, like pretty much all of them going to it with really good intentions. They want to they want to do their best to help change society. Like that's ultimately the best way to do it is to go into politics, because it's got so much, you know, potential to change, and money just takes over.

So Corporation, whoever's funding it, like, Oh, we could do this or we could also do this that this company wants to do, and there's so much regulation on that that gets dodgy than the people that are in charge of regulating kind of funding they get bored out. And then same with media companies. And I even there was a really good example last start of just absolute nonsense, Tracy grim sure she might be one of the worst in the business, so many people hater, and she was talking to the Financial Minister of Australia. I can't what his name is, but she basically, I should just really aggressive, coming at him like our people getting depress, like people people getting you know, they're getting fine for being on park benches. When it's just going to change? When are we going to get people out? Like when can people think? And he's sort of just given her an answer that we don't really know yet whatever else. And then two minutes later she goes or New Zealand have gone to level four and they've gone at lockdown. Why we and it's like what do you talk about? One second you literally just yelled at the bloke because we can't do anything, and now the other heads like two minutes later you're fucking getting angry at him because we haven't gone to a complete lockdown, which heightened restrictions even more so. So it's just it's I mean there's so much contradiction and that's what I kind of like if people kind of analyze just a little bit of what they're saying, like you don't need to be you don't need to really know what they're talking about, you just kind of have to have a rough idea. There's so much contradiction and and just focus on that negativity and obviously it's a really sad and tough situation. So we need to be we need to be telling like, at the end of the day, like, if you don't create some like a sense of fear and people, they're not going to listen to people aren't going to isolate. So I understand that, but it's just everything is about fucking or the coronavirus, that catastrophic virus, that even the fires, the catastrophic fires, killing people, taking lives. It's just like fuck. They're like this is just such bullshit. But yeah, you're right, it's the only thing and unfortunately a lot of online business have the same like the click bait that the tiles that are really overly controversial, and ultimately that's what cells right. So yeah, but argue that we even are a blame for it too, because it they have to make it for the consumers. The consumers the ones like my mainstream media haven't been more viewed for a long time than they are now. So it's just like it's like a it's a dirty, slippery start. It's a business of fear. It's a few business. Now I did. It's like, you know, you could say, you know, do you could argue that, you know, the whole idea of like, you know, same thing online, new Duvit is are dying all the stuff. The only thing is they aren't making mass differences. But like you know, when media talks, because people believe that information. That's the problem. Yeah, yeah, well, that's exactly right. Like if they, if people stop watching, they stop doing it. They realize that that's what people gets people in. So, yeah, so it's, you know, ultimately real. Yeah, it's ultimately our fault. Anyway. Yeah, it is exactly. That's kind of happens. Work, the supplying the man. They yeah, with all that in mind, you know, I guess will start wrapping up. I guess everyone needs to stay safe. How a shower. It was shower and you know, do you know, hang out with your family into a way on Clive g stiy ah, you we should have done sculpturemind in the beginning of her yeah, that will maybe next one. I we can get into that. But now, I mean that's just craziness in itself. Just be vigilant, like we're all going through stress, we're all going through a difficult time and you can be a little bit nice to you so if you can understand that, things are not like they've ever been like. This is unprecedented, so we don't know how to react. That's why things seem crazy. But just just start by doing something little each day. You might not it doesn't it actually doesn't feel like it's going to help because it's the feeling isn't there yet. You've got to do it and then you feel a little bitter. It's just like doing this podcast. So it's yeah, just do that. Just do a little bit each day. And we all want to stay updated with what's going on. I even though it's a different way to get your media, I would much I would much recommend people reading and going through different channels, online channels, then watching the news. Like it's easy to watch the news because you get it all spoken to. You don't have to think much. But I would really recommend,...

...if you're going to ABC something like that, that's way less sensationalize. You're going to get better. Or just going on to a few different channels, going to the Daily Mail, go on to nine news, go just go to three or four different places. Or, if you want the more stup to date accurate in for mission, you know, Australian wide, just go to Australian governments, because they're there. They're doing a work very well to keep up the information. Or Yeah, you know, they've set up a what's up, what'SAPP thing as well. You can just eat messages, I'm saying what's News, and they'll just reply to you and they let like you get an automated reply news, it reply just for go to God. Just don't give him. Just don't allow them to have your exit your have you heard what the talking about that new APP with a talk about being able to access people's location that any time it's we be like a health APP. Way, yeah, that's it. I can see a lot of benefit in that, but if you learn anything from history, anytime you give up that much freedom, Shit goes bad, shit goes south. So I just don't like like anything like that that's forced upon people. It's just it's ugly. It just doesn't. It's just ugly. Absolutely, absolutely so. I mean open up a can of worm. That's what that's. I know I could get into it and that's my favorite topic as well. Yeah, yeah, the thing is just just I mean, yes, and the only problem is we've already given our information to Google as well. So, yeah, well, that's right. So that's that's that's the problem of it. Like you know how you you are. You know, we're getting annoyed at giving our information to over government, which who sort swear two look look after us. But you know, we're getting annoyed about it. But when we have already given our information like Google, that location next, and who said in very clear words, we will use your information to do better optimize our ants, that's is that the connection on using our free service? Do you think Google maps is free? Get the fuck out of here, you know. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Now, that's a great point. That's a whole nother kin of worms to that's maybe somebody gets worlds the thing. And then we also opened it up at the end. Now that's that'll be give us some good direction for the next one. But yeah, now, that was really, really fun and enjoyable podcast and we covered some shit that we're going through and cover some things that we could all get better with and learn from. So yeah, I love it, man. Thank you. Sounds good. Let's wrap up. Thank you so much for listening to the CLARY Timmy's podcast. Also, if you had made it this far, and if you haven't, checked out the all new podcast called the fitness lab, but with Lockland, terrence and Tim Minute. It's a brilliant podcast where they talk about fitness in everything about fitness and everything surrounding fitness is definitely check that out and that's available on also on spotify and apple podcasts and Google podcasts. Also, Jot Lacklin, just so you know, all of our podcasts are now available in Google podcasts. Are Gua will baby, yeah, clever dummy. Is the fitness lab or under the zero media? Better A let's go. That's it. I took us out. Give us a like, give us a follow, one instage on face and yeah, just take care of yourself, take care of the people and you're inner circle. When we'll be through this soon, don't you worry, to keep your heads up, like it's it will be. Will be stronger for I love you, guys. Say.

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